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Upright Vacuum Reviews: Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, NV22L

The Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – High Quality at the Lowest Price

Buying a vacuum cleaner for a price of under $200 is usually frowned upon due to the low quality and unreliable construction that some brands use in order to cut the cost of manufacturing their products.

The Shark Navigator upright cleaner, however, may well be one of the only units available in this pricing range that are capable of truly high efficiency cleaning.

With hundreds of 5-star ratings on review sites and all the remarkable technological features it provides, the positive reputation of this model is enough to convince most buyers to invest into its purchase without being disappointed.

Shark NV22L Bagless Vacuum

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High End Features

Before talking about anything else, it’s definitely worth mentioning the unique Infinity technology that the Shark Navigator vacuum uses to ensure that even longer cleaning sessions can be perfectly successful right to the end.

The technology traps any dirt and debris that the vacuum picks up, keeping it off the filter in order to make sure that the vacuum’s performance stays at its highest possible level.

Unlike the case of other upright vacuum cleaners, the manufacturers of the Shark vaccum have also added many functions geared to make it more maneuverable and easy to use. These include:

  • A super-stretch hose made to allow you to move around more easily while you vacuum;
  • Two crevice tools, a dusting brush and a turbo power brush to help you customize your cleaning experience depending on the carpet or flooring type you need to vacuum;
  • A handy on/off brushroll feature for conveniently changing between carpet and hard-floor cleaning.
  • A power nozzle designed to help you remove pet hair off carpets in record time.

When you also think of the fact that the entire bagless vacuum weighs only about 18 pounds, you have to admit that the combination of high end functional features it provides and the lightweight design looks very promising when it comes to doing some serious cleaning.

Pros & Cons

Those interested in buying a vacuum that is both practical and looks great should know that the Shark NV22L upright bagless vacuum can offer a variety of advantages that may not be apparent at first glance:

  • The combination of its lightweight construction and extreme power makes the use of this Shark vaccuum almost effortless. Moreover, the “smooth-gliding” wheels make pushing and pulling it along the floor a total breeze.
  • The Shark Navigator NV22L literally goes very far to provide you with an easy way to clean your walls and even ceiling. The hose is quite long, and, with the 30 foot power cord, you can even clean other rooms without stopping to unplug the machine.
  • While the onboard dusting and crevice tools are an important asset for added convenience, the well-designed air-driven turbo brush also provides increased mobility.
  • An extra set of filters is provided in case you need to wash some of them and keep using the vacuum to its highest potential at the same time.
  • For a bagless vacuum cleaner, the NV22L cleans very easily. The dirt cap can be emptied without any problems, and you can have it ready to use again in no time at all.
  • Aside from the exceptionally low price, you also get a 5 year limited warranty on the product that offers you an extra boost of security in case you have doubts about buying the vacuum.

Even though the Shark Navigator  vacuum cleaner is equipped to deal with almost any problem, it does have a few limitations that an informed buyer should be aware of. Here are a couple of the most notable ones:

  • The Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner NV22L doesn’t have suction control. While its intense power makes it perfect for cleaning up a lot of dirt really fast, dealing with small carpets can be trickier since the suction tends to pull them around a little too easily.
  • Only one extension wand is provided together with the vacuum, which allows for limited mobility. If you use the hose together with the wand and the crevice tool, however, this problem can be solved without much difficulty.

The Easiest Cleaning Job Ever

Not long ago, when I went on vacation with some of my friends, we met an old couple who needed a hand in cleaning their house. They said they could provide us with a vacuum cleaner (an upright Shark Navigator model) and everything we need, so despite the warm 90 degree weather and high humidity, we accepted.

Since I was in charge of floor cleaning, I was really looking forward to have a look at the Navigator and see what it can do, since I never had the opportunity to work with this specific model before.

Despite the excessive amount of dirt on the bathroom and kitchen tiles and on the living room carpets, the vacuum did amazingly well. It almost felt like it was doing all the work by itself.

The Navigator doesn’t come with height adjustment, so I thought the carpets would at least be more of a challenge, but not a chance! Also, the design was perfect for reaching every little secluded place in the house. Unlike many other vacuums I used in the past, this one’s suction power didn’t diminish at all throughout the day.

We basically finished all the work in about 3 hours, and I actually remember making a mental note of looking up the model as a replacement for one of my older vacuums when I’d get home – which I did.

The Verdict: Great Value for the Money

After considering all the advantages this vacuum cleaner can offer and seeing it in action, one can’t help but wonder why other brands aren’t able to offer this type of quality without charging practically insane amounts for their products.

As opposed to that, the Shark Navigator vacuum comes with a price tag of $150 and offers a few functions – such as the Infinity technology and the air-driven turbo brush – that you can’t even get with some of the more expensive cleaners available for sale.

Without a doubt, the Shark NV22L bagless vacuum offers much more value for the money when compared to most products you can find in the same price range, while also being recommended by both experts and regular users as one of the top choices available on the market today.

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